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Photos on Facebook

If you are an iPhone or Android user you will get the new updated version of the Facebook app.

The new thing is improvement to photo upload on Facebook mobile. It is easier to share multiple photos on mobile.

You are able to make your choice about the order of the photos.  Just click the first photo and select the next clicking on it. When you are ready click on Done.

You will get the preview of your photo story. Write intro text and add information about every photo if you like. Here you can delete some photos.

You can change the order in this screen by pressing down on a photo and just drag it up or down.

 Now you have a beautiful post! You friends will see the story in a new layout with maximum 5 photos and the intro text. By tapping on a photo the full mini album will be shown in the order that you have defined.

All this software update on your Facebook iOS and Android App are available now.