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Groups App

Why we need another app for something that we already use in the Facebook mobile phone app? The answer is simple: because it loads quicker, have unique design and you can access a big functionality on Facebook just with one click over the app icon. So we wait for the next apps from Facebook: News Feed, Search, Notifications, Photos and Statuses.

All your groups are on the first screen. The groups with the newest posts are on top. Just click on a group and you are inside.

With the new app you can very easy create a new group. Easy adjust your settings like which notifications you want to see. Here you can track the latest of your groups and friends.The brand new in this app is the Discover Tab. You can find interesting for you groups based on where you live, pages you like and groups your friends are.

Just have a try and download the app from the iPhone App Store and Android Play Store. The app have 4 Stars and around 700 000 users (both Android and iPhone till 26.11.2014)