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What's new on Facebook Video

If you have a story to tell the best way is to show it with a video. One of the biggest video audience are the Facebook users. You have just to upload directly on Facebook your video and it will become an important part of your friends News Feed. Every day there are more than 1 billion video views on Facebook. 65% of this views are on mobile.

The new to Facebook video is comming this week: the video count.

The video view count will be shown on public videos from people like you and Facebook pages. So now you will know exactly how many real people have been viewed your video.

The auto play video mode is a feature that play a video from the News Feed without touching the play button. Is very usefull for people that just love to scroll. You can change easy this setting for mobile and web via this help topic.

Relevant and interesting videos can be shown after you finishes watching a video. For public figures and creative agencies comes a call to action button after the video ends.